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Games with pixel graphics on the PC are now at their peak. Everyone is playing pixel games now. No one would ever have thought that games with such old graphics would be popular with players around the world.

Previously, all gamers had to enjoy such graphics, since, for better graphics, the developers had no opportunities. Pixel graphics were forgotten for many years, but game developers decided to resurrect them, and they succeeded.

On our site you can play pixel games online for free. Just choose the game you like and start playing.

With the advent of vector graphics and high resolution in online games, pixel games have gained a well-deserved retro style, and, strangely enough, have retained their popularity among many gamers. With such free games you can be a little nostalgic and, returning a couple of decades ago, with them you can feel the spirit of the time when the first game consoles for TVs appeared, when all people sat with enthusiasm and enthusiasm near the blue screen and played as if spellbound.

Pixel games online

Pixel games are minimalist and simple (pixel gun, horror, shooters, zombies, minecraft, paper mania), they always have a certain idea that gives a twist to the entire game plot, filling it with meaning. In addition, these games are quite simple to create, this does not require special equipment and the smartest brains of specialists, they can be easily developed by a beginner igrodelo.

This section contains the best pixel games that any boy will like.


  • breathtaking horror games filled with unthinkable horrific creatures ready to tear you to pieces (be sure that explosive adrenaline is provided to you);
  • all kinds of shot from the earth, from the air, in outer space;
  • pixel games about zombies that remind you of the end of the world;
  • various rpg games (both funny and mysterious, can be with logical plots);
  • Interesting RPG RPGs
  • games for two.

Our team has selected the best pixel games so you can enjoy them at any time. Do not forget that any game can be downloaded.


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