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 #39 Posted by: Le on: Monday, January 10, 2005
Hello everyone. I'm playing carom and wanna buy a Longoni carom cue but couldn't find it anywhere on the US. Any idea where I can buy it?

 #38 Posted by: leage on: Monday, November 08, 2004

 #37 Posted by: quality on: Monday, November 08, 2004

 #36 Posted by: millenium on: Monday, November 08, 2004

 #35 Posted by: David N. Taylor on: Tuesday, August 24, 2004
I recently received a two piece cue stick with a griffin logo at the bottom. I have no idea who it was manufactured by. Any ideas?

 #34 Posted by: vlad on: Friday, July 30, 2004
Software to run pool tournaments

New online software has been offered at www.billiard4u.net. It is designed to make running of tournaments easy and professional. Everyone can try the test version before opening his full service account.

Can anybody advise me whether it is worth using or not? They offer reasonable prices and many attractive features. But I want to hear other opinions too.

 #33 Posted by: player on: Monday, July 26, 2004
I bought a cue this weekend can anyone tell me who makes it? The only thing it says on it is the miz.

 #32 Posted by: Kimbell Blauw on: Saturday, July 24, 2004
Heej check for the extention you need here:


good luck with it :-)

 #31 Posted by: Six C-notes on: Wednesday, July 14, 2004
I played with a dude this weekend who had a universal cue extender in his case. For the life of me, I can't rememeber what he told me it was. Anyway, I've been looking for an extender that will fit all of my cues, but didn't like the cheap plastic ones. It slid onto the end of the cue and fit really well on ALL of them. I want to say it was named after someone, but I can't be sure - Gary or Tony something or other? If you know what this is or where I can find it - PLEASE let me know.

 #30 Posted by: Daphne on: Thursday, June 24, 2004
Smart Cue Group International Incorporated develops, produces and sells highly warp-resistant billiard cue sticks, including pool, snooker, carom. Our products have found a great and growing market in the world. We provide value added products to our clients at a competitive price.

 #29 Posted by: Christophe Laroy on: Saturday, June 19, 2004
Hi all

I own a Longoni LV-12 cue but it has been damaged during play (damn steel pocket protectors!)

If you follow this link, you'll see a picture of it


The finishing is damaged, the wood is nearly intact. Any suggestions on how to repare?


 #28 Posted by: Brenda Gunter on: Wednesday, May 26, 2004
I also have a Joss que that is about 35 years old (before they split). This cue comes with 3 shafts, two shafts came with the stick the other was custom made for the stick. Hand made Joint protectors incl custom made for the stick by Jim Buss from Houston. Appraised at $3500 12 years ago by Richard Black. Make me an offer!

 #27 Posted by: Brenda Gunter on: Wednesday, May 26, 2004
I have a charles porter renaissance table for sale. Oversized 8' in excellent condition. This table retails for $14,000 new. Make me an offer!

 #25 Posted by: Joe on: Wednesday, March 31, 2004
I want to purchase a gift for a friend who has recently acquired a 1930's art deco pool table. I thought maybe I could find 1930 vintage pool cues. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

 #23 Posted by: Orsetti Andrea on: Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Good moornig I'm Italian and i 'd like know if i can buy cues from italy and how much i spend for the spedition thanks bye

 #20 Posted by: The Tony Ryan "POOL CUE EXTENDER" on: Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Http://www.thetonyryan.com For those hard to reach shoots on the pool table.

 #19 Posted by: Tony Ryan on: Wednesday, January 28, 2004
http://www.thetonyryan.com For those hard to reach shoots on the pool table.

 #17 Posted by: Paul Powell on: Monday, December 15, 2003
I'm from Powell County, Kentucky. I'm friends with a man you know, R.D (not sure what his last name is), and he goes down to the Pool Hall in Powell County on Black Creek. Well, around the month of January, I'm going to be purchasing 2 pool cues. I just wanted to let you know that if you would give me a great great deal on a pool stickI would gladly be interested in buying off you.
Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

oh, just offered a bid on a book, get back to me

 #16 Posted by: Jeff Adam on: Monday, December 01, 2003
Hello, just wanted to let everyone know that from now until Dec. 18th I will include FREE shipping with any cue order, thanks for all your business and support our company is growing daily.........................Jeff Adams

 #15 Posted by: Raymond Moreno Jr on: Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Jeff, I just wanted to let everyone know what EXCELLENT service you provided me. From answering all my questions in a PROMT and PROFESSIONAL manner, to giving me the BEST, UNBEATABLE price on these two most excellent cues. (Meucci FR-3, Meucci HOF3). Your prices are unheard of - and this can be verified by doing an internet search, and then checking with you. Thanks again, and I will DEFINATELY be recommending you to anyone who is in the market for a pool cue. Kudos, Jeff!! In Christ: Raymond

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