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Play chess with a computer

Here you can try your hand playing chess online with a computer engine.

Playing chess with a computer is very simple - choose the party parameters, click on the Play button and get to the chessboard. The game of chess here is absolutely free.

When choosing an arbitrary initial position, the game starts not from the standard initial arrangement, but from a random position. At the same time, the advantage of the parties in this initial position was calculated with the help of a chess engine and is well known. By default, the forces of the parties are equal.

Playing chess online with friends from around the world, sometimes you want to escape from the constant tension and play a quiet game against the computer. In addition, a game of chess with an electronic brain helps to work out important elements of the game, such as a chess debut, middle game and endgame.  

On this page you can play two player chess for free and without installing any additional programs or add-ons. Most sites for playing with a chess engine use so-called flash drives, which are now not supported on all devices. At the same time, they are the same on all these sites. Here, flash technology is not used, so you can play chess with a computer online on any device - phone, tablet, computer, even on TV!

As a chess “brain”, the powerful and popular Stockfish engine is used, specially tuned to several levels of difficulty, so that both the novice and the experienced player are interested. In addition, if you are bored with starting a game of chess from the usual initial position, you can choose an arbitrary position as the initial position.

You do not need to immediately finish the game of chess with a computer. Having made one or several moves, you can close the page and at your next pass you can continue the game from the previous place. Thus, anyone can play chess with a computer for free here, no matter how much free time he has and how strong he is in chess.

Chess is an amazing game! And even in the computer age, interest in it does not fade away, tournaments and championships are constantly held, and with valuable prizes. Moreover, the car now plays a very important role in chess - helping to prepare new masters and grandmasters. Try it and you play several chess games with a computer! Start with an elementary level of difficulty and increase as you progress. Then, you can give odds to the chess engine, choosing the initial arrangement with an advantage from your opponent. If it is still difficult to defeat the electronic brain, choose the initial placement with your advantage. And remember - nothing is in vain, every game of chess with a computer makes you more experienced!


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