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Training Materials/A189
Training Materials
The Lesson - A wonderful book by the Monk -
I won seven straight matches in Las Vegas Shooting lesson shots. I did not shoot any shot on the table that was not in The Lesson. In that match, I was grateful for my Lesson skills.

Suzanne, one of my students, won the BCA Open Eight Ball Championship, shooting lesson shots. She won twelve straight matches against the fines female players in the country. She forgot about everything but The Lesson shots. And thanks to each Lesson, she had the skills to succeed.

Take one lesson at a time and enjoy the wonderful experience of knowing you are on the right trail. You will arrive at the game you always desired when you master each of The Lessons.

I wish I could be there with you so we can go through The Monk 101 program. Perhaps you can visit The Monk Billiard Academy for one of my 3 day seminars. Until then, the material is available to you in this step by step lesson book. Order The Lesson today. Join the Monk family of old friends. You will be pleased by your progress. Take the guess work out of your performance. Be free to know you are doing the right thing on the table.

  • The Lesson has taken ten years to assemble.
  • The Lesson has produced champions all over the world.
  • The Lesson is your guide to a new and exciting game.
  • Develop the skills you deserve. Master each Lesson.
  • The Monk 101 is offered all over the world in seven different languages
  • The Lesson is the finest book ever written on skill development.
Our Price: $35.00  
Training Materials/A190
Training Materials
The 8 Ball Book - The 8-Ball Book will help you--keep it as your bible to a winning performance. Studying this book will improve your game dramatically. Your winning average will rise during the coming year. Share this with a friend and help your fellow player learn to love the game of pool. This book will teach you position play as well as how to set up and successfully complete a runout. It will teach you 8-ball strategy and subconscious conditioning.

The 8-Ball Book will build your skills so you can:
  • Master New Shots
  • Learn how to practice
  • Discover 8-ball strategy
  • Learn Perfect Position
  • Understand Deflection
  • Learn how to run-out
  • Master Concentration
  • Learn 8-Ball Survival
  • Put some more bricks in your wall

Our Price: $20.00  
Training Materials/A191
Training Materials
Point The Way - Another wonderful book by The Monk -
Point the Way is already considered a "classic", a "must have", a "get-your-own-copy-or-die" book.

Learn the Inner Game of Pocket Billiards.

'Point The Way is the only book that sheds some light on the mental part of the game. Everyone who plays pool should read this book. The Monk Billiard Academy should become a huge success.'
- Suzanne Weinstock, Columnist, The Snap magazine

'I predict that the top ten players in any pool league will have a copy of Point The Way. I do.'
- Grady Mathews, Professional

'It's a great book for all levels of play. If someone is in the pool doldrums, Point The Way will really snap their cord!'
-Conrad Burkman, Publisher, National Billiard News

  • This is the blockbuster book that swept the billiard world.
  • Point the Way is used by both pros and amateurs to master the inner game of pool.
  • Learn how the shot shoots itself.
  • Master key ball syndrome.
  • Point the Way shows you how to increase your concentration skills.
  • Learn how to reach the 'zone.'
Our Price: $13.00  
Training Materials/A192
Training Materials
I Came to Win -
If we can acquire the qualities of courage, concentration and composure, we can address the issues that cause us to lose games.

  • Do you want a more consistent game?
    Read this book.
  • Do you want to win more games and tournaments? Read this book
  • Do you want more enjoyment from pocket billiards? Read this book.
  • Do you want to really be a better billiards player? Read this book.
Our Price: $17.00  
Training Materials/A193
Training Materials
Focus on Winning (4-tape series) -
These four cassettes quit preaching and go right to meddling in on the going battle with self image. The difference between winning and just playing may lie within these stimulating tapes. They are designed to challenge and reinvent your mental attitudes. Transform your game. Build sound mental skills. Win the games you deserve to win.

Suzanne Bosselman used Focus on Winning to win the 1995 BCA Open Women's Eight Ball Championship in Las Vegas. The very next year, Holly Sholes used Focus on Winning to win the 1996 BCA Open Women's Eight Ball Championship. Focus on Winning keeps you focused on winning.
  • Flood your mind with winning thoughts
  • Train while you are driving your car
  • Train while you are sleeping
  • Train on the beach
  • Master concentration, once and for all
  • Increase your confidence
Our Price: $40.00  
Training Materials/A194
Training Materials
Consistency Through Concentration -
This audio series was created by The Monk so that you could increase your concentration skills. So often we neglect to work on this fine art. The art of concentration is a skill we need to master. Listen to these tapes and develop keen concentration skills.

You will reach the coveted level of consistency where you can trust your performance and accept any challenge offered to you. Listen to these tapes while you drive your car. Improve your game while you lay on the beach.

Listen to these tapes while you practice in your basements. Order The Monk's tapes on Consistency through Concentration today and begin to win those games you lost because of distraction. No longer will you be lost at the table. You will trust your skills to carry your through. Four cassette tapes.

Buy it now! Consistency Through concentration.
Our Price: $40.00  
Training Materials/A195
Training Materials
I Came To Win -
This is a new tape from The Monk. The I Came To Win tape was recorded just for you. Listen to The Monk's lecture on how to train to win. Learn what is holding you back.
Are you stuck at a plateau where you can't seem to break through to the next level? Have you reached a point where you just can't seem to improve your game? This tape is for you. Listen to the fifty six minute lecture and make that all important break through to the next level.

Unlock the barriers holding you back. The Monk has helped thousands of players break through to the next level. Order this special tape today. Regular $14.95 + $3.00 Shipping and Handling. Yours today for just $9.95. The Monk will pay the shipping charges. Order now.

This will be the best ten dollar bill you every spent on yourself.
Buy it now! I Came To Win
Our Price: $10.00  
Training Materials/A196
Training Materials
The Foundation For Your Game - An excellent video -
The Monk 101 Volume one is for the player who is serious about his/her own game. The Monk will take you through the foundation of The Monk 101 program. here is where you will gain the knowledge and experience to handle the many problems that come up during each game. What a relief that will be. You will gain the confidence to turn in your best performance.

Enjoy the wonderful performance turned in by Suzanne Bossleman as she goes through he material that won her Player of the Year on The New England Nine Ball Tour. You will see her run thirty balls live, unedited, in front of hundreds of fellow players. She demonstrates the skills you'll need to reach the level you desire to be. She Shoots the snip draw, the force follow, the punch stroke, the follow through draw, the roller, the bunt, the stun, the follow shot, the slide, the snap decision, and many more to complete her thirty ball run. You will need these skills to become a fine player. You will need to master the speed skills taught in the 2-7-2 series if you are to finish your run-outs and gain the position required to get on to the next shot. You will need to be able to master the thirteen ball exercise to develop your stroke skills to reach the finals. You can watch Suzanne do the four ball exercise, the stun forward, the power draw. This is your foundation to a stronger game.

The Monk 101 volume one is a pleasant video. You will join the family of old friends when you order this video. Over 97 percent of the players who watched Suzanne in The Monk 101 Volume One have called and ordered The Monk Volume Two. The Monk will not let you down. Order this video now and begin to develop the skills you've always dreamed of having. You deserve it. Treat yourself to a new and exciting game. Your confidence will sore as you master The Monk 101 Volume One.

The Monk 101 program is the best selling teaching series in the world. It is offered to players in seven different languages. Begin your study of The Monk 101 program by ordering volume one today.
Our Price: $35.00  
Training Materials/A197
Training Materials
Basic Training - Another excellent video by The Monk -
In this dynamic video, The Monk takes you through a series of lessons that will help you identify the problems that come up time after time. You will possess the skills to handle each of them. The Monk teaches you how to use your practice time to strengthen the skills you will need for successful tournament play. Each lesson was created to strengthen a weakness. Each lesson was created to give you the skills you will need to win a championship.
In this video you will receive the personal training from The Monk himself. In volume two you have entered basic training. It is tough, but well worth your effort. Master each lesson and become the master. Pay attention to the little things because this gives you the skills to handle the big things.

Master ''the slide, sneaky strange, the snap decision, the fearsome four-some, the 2-7-2+5 extended.'', along with a series of other lessons. Until you can master the routine shots, you will never become the master. It is not the hard shots that make you the master. It is the easy shots. How many times have you told your friends you missed and easy shot and lost the match? Use this great video to let The Monk train you. Learn to master these easy shots. Develop the skills and recognize them when they come up. When you are ready for The Monk 101 volume two, you are ready for the finals. Order this video today and begin your training. It is time for you to be serious about your game. Be serious about your own development. Be serious about winning. Gain the skills today, to win tomorrow.

Continue your training with The Monk 101 Volume two.
Our Price: $35.00  
Training Materials/A198
Training Materials
Point The Way - A superb Video -
The Monk 101 Volume Three is for the player who has mastered the material found in The Monk 101 Program. In this video, you will see The Monk demonstrate how valuable these skills are in running racks and gaining position on the next shot.

It is time you mastered the fine art of concentration. Develop the skills to keep your mind on the task at hand. How many times have you lost your concentration and then lost the match?
Understand the inner dynamics of a champion. What does it take to be a champion and win the match? What are the ingredients within one player that enables him to win, win, win? Watch The Monk 101 Volume Three and begin to develop the will skills that will carry through the tough times.

Study the techniques that will help you ''reach the zone''. This place is reserved for the serious players. Have you ever run a rack and not know it? You have immersed yourself in the zone. What a wonderful place to be. It allows you to perform with the skills you already possess. Tap into that ability with The Monk 101 Volume Three.

You have mastered The Monk 101 program. You have the skills to be the champion you deserve to be. You are ready to perform. The Monk 101 Volume Three is the ''Performance'' tape. Here you will see The Monk use this program to run racks. You will see how The Monk sets up a pattern. Order The Monk 101 Volume three today and complete your library. You are well on your way to a new challenge and exciting career in pocket billiards. You deserve and new game. You are worth it.

The Monk 101 Volume Three is over eighty minutes long. There are no ''fast forwards'' in this video.

The Monk 101 volume one, two, and three have been the best selling videos over five straight years! The monk does not have to come out with a new video every six months to keep his sales going. You can trust The Monk to deliver.
Our Price: $35.00  
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